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    Committed to develop the best Solutions for Healthcare when treating patients with urology & gastroenterology diseases

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  • Amara : 3 Stages Balloon Dilator

    Used for dilatation of strictures located in the esophagus, pylorus, duodenum, colon and ERCP biliary stone extraction


  • Tahina Nephrostomy Balloon

    Used to dilate the musculofascial tract and renal capsule for establishing a nephrostomy tract


  • Maohe : Stone Extraction Balloon

    Used to sweep or capture pancreatic duct stones to deliver stone, sludge, and debris out of the duct system


Welcome to Envaste

Envaste is dedicated to find the best Solutions for Healthcare by investing in the research, development and production of medical devices for treating patients with urology and gastroenterology diseases. We strive to find better, simpler and more effective ways to treat patients. Satisfy yourself with our innovative products portfolio.

Latest News

  • Completion of new cleanroom

    Le Réduit – July 1st, 2019 - Envaste Ltd., a leading developer of urology and gastroenterology medical devices and systems, today announced the addition of advanced technology cleanroom space to its current cleanroom facilities for the development and manufacturing of next-generation medical devices.

    The company added 600 square feet of Class ISO 7 & ISO 8 microbial-controlled cleanroom space for critical manufacturing of acute use medical devices requiring particulate and microbial control. This new facility will be used for production operations of medical devices including balloon catheters, balloon dilators, angioplasty catheters, ureteral access sheath, and other acute medical devices.

    "The installation of these expanded cleanroom facility is a major milestone in our goal to be a premier manufacturer of urology and endoscopy medical devices that meet a wide range of clinical needs" said Olivier Berc, CEO of Envaste Medical. "The combination of our deep understanding of clinical conditions, combined with our engineering expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, gives us a full spectrum of product development resources for medical device clients".

    "This is particularly important for the latest generation of medical devices of catheters combining drug delivery. For these most sophisticated devices, post-manufacturing sterilization is not enough. They must be manufactured in a microbial-controlled environment, such as our new Class ISO 7 clean room facility, to minimize the bioburden of pyrogenic substances that may remain and pose risks to the patient after a device is implanted".

    Envaste Cleanroom Manufacture of Ureteral Access Sheath
    Envaste Clean Room Manufacture of balloon catheter and dilator

  • Visit of President of Kenya

    On April 11th , President Kenyatta and his delegation paid a visit to Envaste at their headquarters in Ebene. His Excellency was received by Olivier Berc, Chief Executive Officer of Envaste Ltd, in the presence of Sunil Bholah, Minister of Business and Enterprise.

    The occasion marked the second high profile visit to Envaste Medical this year, as Mauritius has become one of the fastest advancing destinations in the fields of Medical Technology and Treatment in Africa. Envaste positioned itself as a key manufacturer and has a pivotal role in supplying life saving devices across the globe.
    ”I believe there are great opportunities that exist to deepen our cooperation in a number of fields and I believe as we move forward, we will continue to strongly work together to ensure that we achieve and reach those objectives”, the President said.
    The President was thoroughly impressed with Envaste’s specialization in the manufacture of Urology and Endoscopy Interventional Medical Devices. He spoke in high regard towards the innovation, state of the art facilities, up to date technology, production capacity and the vertical integration strategy of the company.

    Discovering new avenues with Envaste
    President Kenyatta cited Envaste as a commendable organization which would make a certain impact towards his “Big 4 Strategy”.
    He extended his request to Envaste, encouraging them to setup a similar facility in Kenya to help the government achieve its objective of offering affordable quality healthcare.
    The devices manufactured by Envaste include urology balloon catheters, access sheaths and endoscopy balloon catheters intended for interventional gastroenterology and urology. These are key areas from which Kenya would be able to benefit from. “We are two countries with a common vision, share common principles and values. We are open societies, democratic societies that believe in the rule of law,” the President said.


  • Visit of President of Mozambique

    His Excellency Mr. Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, President of the Republic of Mozambique, paid a state visit to Mauritius from 30th January to 2nd February 2019. Heading a 25-member delegation, the Mozambican President was the Chief Guest of the Government of Mauritius on the occasion of the country’s Commemoration of the 184th Anniversary of the Abolition of Slavery.

    Mr. Fillipe Jacinto Nyusi and his delegation also paid a visit to Envaste Ltd headquarters in Ebene, on 31st January. The objective of the visit was to showcase and emphasize Mauritian innovation and expertise in the field of Science & Medicine.
    Mauritius has become one of the fastest advancing destinations in the fields of Medical Technology and Treatment in Africa. The medical industry in Mauritius is characterized by high-value activities such as hi-tech medical device, medical tourism and wellness.  The medical device manufacturing industry has also seen sustained growth over the last few years. Due to the preferential market access that Mauritius to different continents, leading medical devices manufacturers such as Envaste Ltd have established themselves here.
    Our CEO Olivier Berc delivered a presentation to His Excellency and his delegation. Some of the key highlights from his presentation:
    • To outline Envaste’s core business, design, develop and manufacture Urology & Endoscopy Disposable Catheters
    • To showcase Envaste's innovation and role it has as an International leader in high-tech medical devices.
    • To showcase Envaste’s state of the art infrastructure and products which conform to international standards and renowned quality control measures.
    • To take pride in our products which are Made in Mauritius, but used by Physicians and Specialists around the world.
    • To highlight Mauritius as a strategic destination for many businesses to operate and invest in. The fact that Mauritians are skilled, have political stability, attentive and reactive government to new industry needs, developed infrastructures, multilingual education and ideally placed between Europe/USA and Asia.
    President Nyusi upon concluding his visit urged Mozambicans to turn their differences into an opportunity to drive the development of the country, just as the people of Mauritius have done. He also invited Mauritian investors to further tap into opportunities in his country.
    He outlined the basis for Mauritius success, which only has 1 million inhabitants was that it had transformed differences into development and growth.

  • New Amara CE marked

    Le Réduit – April 27, 2015 – Envaste, announces European CE approval for the NEW Amara Wireguided Balloon Dilator to endoscopically dilate strictures of the alimentary tract including dilation of the Sphincter of Oddi following sphincterotomy. The new device offer physicians the ability to now perform endoscopy dilatation using best in class product performances.

    The Amara multi stage endoscopy balloon catheter was engineered with a new more flexible shaft design and soft tip to provide durability and flexibility and is designed to gradually open strictures by delivering three distinct pressure-controlled diameters in a single balloon. The more ergonomic connector handle and a easier to use packaging presentation including glow in the dark labels will facilitate the user interface and allow the physician to completely focus on the procedure for a peace of mind dilatation.

    Envaste monitors all product life-cycle stages and assess opportunities for improvement including device feasibility, product development, manufacturing, marketing, promotion, distribution, use and service. As a medical device manufacturer, our company is subject to a variety of regulations and standards for products and quality management systems to make sure continuous improvement is built into our process and procedures.

    The launch of the New Amara device is another proof that Envaste is truly committed to finding the Best Solutions for healthcare by investing in the research, development and production of medical devices for treating patients with urology and gastroenterology diseases.

  • Envaste launch its new website

    Le Réduit – June 17, 2014 – Headquartered Mauritius, with an office in Galway - Ireland, Envaste is a Medical Device company specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of Urology and Endoscopy medical disposables offering its clients best in class medical devices, leveraging the extensive experience of its staff and its state of the art facility.

    Olivier Berc, General Manager Envaste Ltd, comments "We are delighted to launch the new Envaste Medical website, it is designed as an attractive, informative and easy-to-navigate site. Since 2009, we have grown out technology capability and product offering and now wish to utilize our website to share this information with both new and existing customer and further enhance the service we provide".

    If you wish to contact us for any additional information, please do via our contact page, or email info@envaste.com.

  • Envaste logo rebranding initiative

    Le Réduit – August 29, 2013 – Envaste, the leading provider of design, development and custom medical balloons used in medical devices, launched a new branding identity and related marketing programs on August 29th to spur additional business opportunities within the medical device industry. The company launched a dynamic logo, a rebranded website with new marketing collaterals to outline its new focus.

    Medical balloons developed by Envaste are used in cardiovascular, peripheral, urology, endoscopy and other specialty fields for many device applications.

    According to Olivier Berc, the General Manager: “We have been custom developing medical balloons used in interventional devices for a long time, with a great level of success,” he says. “However our business stood at cross-roads. We seized a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on our deep expertise in this specialized field by leveraging resources available to us from our new partner organization Natec Medical. You are probably aware that while there are other OEM catheter manufacturers specialized in cardiology and radiology; only a few focus on urology, gastroenterology and endoscopy field. We spotted this gap in the market and developed cost effective medical solutions for treating patient with urology or GI diseases and realized it was time to achieve more substantial gains in awareness and marketing penetration. Our exciting rebranding and marketing initiative is designed to move our business to an entire new higher level”.

    The launch of the rebranding program strengthens our dedication to pioneering innovative medical solutions with increased control into the hands of those who treat patients with urology and gastroenterology pain around the world.