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Tahina Nephrostomy Balloon Dilator

Product Details: 

High Pressure Nephrostomy Balloon Catheter
Balloon dilatation catheter designed for radial dilatation of the nephrostomy tract and convenient placement of a working sheath.

Non Compliant Balloon
Designed to maintain diameter under high pressure.
Designed to provide effective, uniform dilatationalong the nephrostomy tract.

Rated for inflation pressures up to 20atm (atmospheric pressures).

Designed for Convenient Dilatation and Sheath Placement
Radiopaque marker to help comfirm position
Low profile to facilitate advancement
Balloon is hydrophilic coated designed to reduce friction between the balloon surface and sheath
Includes firm renal radiopaque sheath 

Ordering Information:


UDB-0308120S 6.8Fr


55cm 8.0mm (24Ch) 120mm 20atm PTFE radiopaque
UDB-0310120S 6.8Fr 0.038” 55cm 10.0mm (30Ch) 120mm 20atm PTFE radiopaque
UDB-0310150S 6.8Fr 0.038" 55cm 10.0mm (30Ch) 150mm 20atm PTFE radiopaque

The catheter tubings are reinforced with radiopaque material designed to provide stability, strength and kink resistance even in the most challenging tortuous anatomy.

Very short tip of 6mm allowing dilatation very close to the stone

Compatible with 0.038” guidewires

Catheter shaft is design with a high column strength to withstand Amplatz sheath insertion.

High burst resistance balloon material and manufacturing process designed to withstand up to 20 atm RBP.

Sliky TM hydrophilic coating is applied on the balloon and tip allowing ease of insertion.

Low balloon crossing profile to ease insertion for creating the nephrostomy tract.

PTFE radiopaque material is used to confirm placement of Amplatz sheath tip under fluoroscopy
Datasheet PDF
Balloon dilatation catheter intended to be used to dilate the musculofascial tract and renal capsule establishing a nephrostomy tract during a percutaneous procedure. The Tahina Nephrostomy balloon has a short shoulders and a short tip. The short tip provides close approximation of the dilating tract to the surgical site, enhancing access to difficult stone impacted calyces. Highly radiopaque marker bands provides maximum radiopacity to ensure accurate dilatation positioning in even the most demanding cases. The balloon has a 20 atmospheres rated burst pressure. Set includes: balloon catheter and PTFE radiopaque amplatz sheath.