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Tahina Ureteral Balloon Dilator

Product Details: 

High Pressure Balloon Catheter
Balloon dilatation catheter designed for radial dilatation of the urinary tract to relieve strictures and to facilitate the placement of larger surgical instruments.

Non Compliant Balloon
Designed with specially treated polymers and processes to provide maximum strength to maintain its outer diameter during inflation.
Controlled inflation pressure up to 20atm facilitating high pressure dilation of narrow strictures.
Hydrophilic coating on the balloon and shaft surface to reduce friction during advancement and withdrawal.

Balloon Catheter
Designed with kink resistant shaft and tapered distal end to facilitate negociation of tight, tortuous ureteral tract
Radiopaque marker bands to enhance visualization of balloon position during fluoroscopy.
Ordering Information:



UDB-0104040S 5.8Fr


75cm 4.0mm (12Ch) 40mm 20atm
UDB-0104060S 5.8Fr 0.038” 75cm 4.0mm (12Ch) 60mm 20atm
UDB-0104100S 5.8Fr 0.038” 75cm 4.0mm (12Ch) 100mm 18atm
UDB-0105040S 5.8Fr 0.038” 75cm 5.0mm (15Ch) 40mm 20atm
UDB-0105060S 5.8Fr 0.038” 75cm 5.0mm (15Ch) 60mm 20atm
UDB-0105100S 5.8Fr 0.038” 75cm 5.0mm (15Ch) 100mm 18atm
UDB-0106040S 5.8Fr 0.038” 75cm 6.0mm (18Ch) 40mm 20atm
UDB-0106060S 5.8Fr 0.038” 75cm 6.0mm (18Ch) 60mm 20atm
UDB-0106100S 5.8Fr 0.038” 75cm 6.0mm (18Ch) 100mm 18atm
UDB-0108040S 5.8Fr 0.038” 75cm 8.0mm (24Ch) 40mm 18atm

The catheter tubings are reinforced with radiopaque material designed to provide stability, strength and kink resistance even in the most challenging tortuous anatomy.

The catheter tubing are engineered to provide best in class trackability.

Compatible with 0.038” guidewires.

Robust catheter design to optimize pushability and deliverability.

High burst resistance balloon material and manufacturing process designed to withstand up to 20 atm RBP.

Sliky TM hydrophilic coating is applied on the shaft and balloon allowing ease of insertion with good trackability.

Low balloon profile to navigate and dilate the smallest strictures.

Improved catheter design with flexible tapered tip to facilitate crossability .

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Balloon dilatation catheter intended to be used prior to stone manipulation or ureteroscopy, and dilatation of the intramural ureter. The Tahina Ureteral Balloon Catheter is engineered to optimize time by combining hydrophilic coating and high pressure dilatation. Proprietary  hydrophilic coating creates a low friction surface for effortless advancement. The low profile tapered tip aids passage through difficult anatomy while allowing placement over a .038” guide wire. The unique balloon material has the strength to yield consistent balloon pressures, up to 20 atm.