We are active in the field of medical science and specialized in the manufacture and distribution of urology and endoscopy devices.
Our company and production site are located in the heart of the Island of Mauritius. There are common grounds across every medical specialty we support: patients want to get better and doctors want simpler, more effective tools. Thus, we work hard to improve our minimally invasive medical devices and the way they are delivered to doctors around the world.

All our dedicated employees stand behind state of the art medical solutions. We embrace diversity, ideas, and value the unique talents and experience of our employees.

We adapt to the market’s requirements, respond to customers’ voice and keep moving. Being open to new ideas, we are willing to study, implement and innovate our products and services to your entire satisfaction. Research and Development is the blood of our organization; our teams of engineers focus on continuous product improvement and new methods for treating patients.

From design to distribution, we are engaged in optimizing the quality of our products whilst keeping cost at reasonable level thus providing our customers with unrivalled quality. We strongly believe that Quality is a must in the medical field and we care about creating the right products.  Quality is in our genes and pervades the whole organization. Envaste meet all requirements of Quality Assurance!