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Maohe Stone Extraction Balloon

Product Details: 

Retrieval Balloon Catheter
The squared shoulder of the Extractor balloon is designed to facilitate effective and efficient stone removal. 

Enhanced Balloon Design
New and improved balloon is designed to imporve strenght and reliability.
Each of the three balloon sizes 8.5-15mm; 9-16mm to better accomodate anatomical variation and help obivate the need to use an additional balloon and change catheters if an alternative balloon diameter is requirered.

Squared shoulders balloon is designed to facilitate stone removal.

Improved Catheter Design
Designed for excellent injection flow rate.
Catheter is designed to be easily back loaded over a guidewire.

Ordering Information:



2-Lumen Versions with contrast injection above the balloon
GEB-010512S 5.0Fr 0.025” 200cm 12mm 1.5ml 2.8mm
GEB-010515S 5.0Fr 0.025” 200cm 8.5, 12 & 15mm N/A 2.8mm
GEB-010712S 7.0Fr 0.035” 200cm 12mm 2.5ml 2.8mm
GEB-010715S 7.0Fr 0.035” 200cm 8.5,12 & 15mm N/A 2.8mm

3-Lumen Versions with contrast injection above the balloon
GEB-020715S 7.5Fr 0.035” 200cm 15mm 2.5 ml 2.8mm
GEB-020716S 7.5Fr 0.035” 200cm 9, 16mm N/A 2.8mm

The catheter tubings are reinforced with radiopaque material designed to provide stability, strength and kink resistance even in the most challenging tortuous anatomy.

The catheter tubing are engineered to provide best in class trackability.

Compatible with 0.025” guidewires

Catheter shaft is design with a high column strength to offer best-in-class pushability and torque control for lesion crossing.

Proprietary UltrasoftTM balloon material and manufacturing process designed to produce three distinct and precise diameters at three separate volume inflation.

Low balloon crossing profile to ease insertion and crossing the tightest lesions.

Low balloon crossing profile with shaft to be inserted inside a 2.8mm endoscope channel.

Datasheet PDF
Balloon stone extraction catheter intended to be used to sweep or capture pancreatic duct stones to deliver stone, sludge, and debris out of the duct system. The Maohe gastroenterology balloon stone extraction catheter is engineered to optimize time due to its puncture resistant balloon material, allowing to be pulled against sharp edged stones. The rounded balloon shape facilitates good occlusion due to its multiple sizing with rapid inflation and deflation times.