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Tahina Ureteroscopy Balloon Dilator

Product Details: 

Low Profile Balloon Catheter
Balloon dilatation catheter designed for radial dilatation of the urinary tract featuring a low profile catheter for ureteroscopic placement.

Non Compliant Balloon
Designed with specially treated polymers and processes to provide maximum strength to maintain its outer diameter during inflation.
Controlled inflation pressure up to 20atm allowing for dilating force at a stricture or ureteral narrowing.
Hydrophilic coating on the balloon and shaft surface to reduce friction during advancement and withdrawal.
Balloon is thread over a .018" guidewire for one-step ureteroscopic placement.

Low Profile Catheter
3.5Fr catheter designed to advance through flexible ureteroscopes to reduce downtime or additional scope exchanges.
Ordering Information:



UDB-0204040S 3.5Fr 0.018” 75cm 4.0mm (12Ch) 40mm 20atm
UDB-0205040S 3.5Fr 0.018” 75cm 5.0mm (15Ch) 40mm 20atm

Low profile with shaft to be inserted inside a 5Fr ureteroscope channel.

Compatible with 0.018” guidewires

High burst resistance balloon material and manufacturing process designed to withstand up to 20 atm RBP.

Proprietary hydrophilic coating is applied on the shaft and balloon allowing ease of insertion with good trackability

The catheter tubing are engineered to provide best in class flexibility without compromising on the pushability. New short platinum iridium marker bands with better radiopacity.

Low balloon profile to navigate and dilate the smallest strictures.

Datasheet PDF
Balloon dilatation catheter intended to be used through a ureteroscope for ureteral dilatation prior to stone manipulation or ureteroscopy, and dilatation of the intramural ureter. The balloon has a maximum inflation pressure of 20 atm. The catheter is compatible with ureteroscopes with a minimum scope channel of 5.0Fr.