The experience and strong leadership of our executives, alongside talented and dedicated employees, makes Envaste Medical a sure success.
Olivier Berc

CEO and Founder

Olivier holds a Master of Science in mechanical engineering and manufacturing systems (Polytech Tours, France). He initially founded Envaste Ltd, in Galway (Ireland) in 2009 and successfully set up the joint-venture with Natec Medical in Mauritius in 2012. Olivier has worked for medical devices companies including USCI Japan, Arthesys, Jomed and Clearstream Technologies where he developed innovative solutions and products with a specialty in balloon catheters. He has over 18 years of experience in research and development of interventional cardiology, radiology, urology and endoscopy products.

Vincent Lagarde

Co Founder

Vincent holds a double Master of Science in polymers and mechanics (ENSAIS & EAHP, France). He is member of the board of other companies in domains as varied as industry, tourism and renewable energy. Previously R&D Engineer with Nycomed, he developed proprietary technologies with a specialty in balloons. Vincent. He is the founder of a private preprimary school in Mauritius named, Paul and Virginie, with a French program. He has a double citizenship, French and Mauritian and was made Knight of Order of Merit by the French Republic in 2009.