Mission & Core Values

Envaste is dedicated in pioneering innovative medical solutions that put more control into the hands of those who treat patients with urology and gastroenterology pain around the world. We do this because we care in finding better, simpler and more effective ways to treat patients.

Our Values

Successful recovery of Patients with customer satisfaction is our priority.

We are committed to improve and re-invent medical practices having the power to change the lives of patients.

We believe that quality is a must in the medical field and adhere to the highest standard of quality. Our organizational culture nurtures self-discipline and continuous improvement.

We adapt to the market’s requirements by listening and responding to the customers’ voice.

We believe: professionalism, good ethics and integrity are the foundations of our success.

Employee Involvement
We value the unique talents, ideas and experiences of our employees.

We are sensitive to the green values of the island of Mauritius and blend green ethics in all our work processes to protect our environment.