Amara Wireguided Design

The catheter tubings are reinforced with radiopaque material designed to provide stability, strength and kink resistance even in the most challenging tortuous anatomy.

Proprietary PolyNnTM balloon material and manufacturing process designed to produce three distinct and precise diameters at three separate pressures during dilatation.

Supplied with standard 0.035" guidewire that can be secured to the catheter body with a clamp.

Catheter shaft is design with a high column strength to offer best-in-class pushability and torque control for lesion crossing.

High pressure resistance balloon designed to produce little or no balloon waisting.

Low balloon crossing profile to ease insertion and crossing the tightest lesions.

Improved catheter design with flexible tapered tip to facilitate crossability.

Low balloon crossing profile with shaft to be inserted through a 2.8mm or a 3.2mm* endoscope channel.
* depending on balloon size.